1. WPF: Slinding Animation. 'Freezable' workaround.

    While ago I needed to implement an Slide InOut amination in WPF. The first attempt was to set TranslateTransform in Animation (to make the control sliding out if it’s content was set to null). But since animations should be freezable I wasn’t able to do so. I googled for a while with no luck. But I found a straightforward solution - I just “inverted” the logic. …

  2. CommandManager.RequerySuggested

    Is the following code seems O.K.? CommandManager.RequerySuggested += OnCommandManagerRequerySuggested; void OnCommandManagerRequerySuggested(object sender, EventArgs e) { ICommand command = Command; if (command != null) IsEnabled = command.CanExecute(null); } Not really, since CommandManager holds the handlers as a weak reference, we need to have our own strong reference to our delegate. For example local field: private readonly EventHandler commandManagerOnRequerySuggested; …

  3. SSRS 2008 R2: Authentication Extension (upgrade issue)

    Recently we have to upgrade our MS SQL Server 2008 to R2. After upgrade we met a problem - our custom authentication extension stopped to work. We were able to login to Reporting Service directly, but unable to login to Reports Manager. Also our system was unable to login using ReportExecution2005.asmx service. After hours of testing and research I’ve found a workaround at social.msdn.microsoft.com. I’ve created HttpModule described in NialoIreland’s latest comment (posted on Monday, February 22, 2010 10:54 AM). And authentication started to work correctly! …

  4. Getting Real

    Getting Real is the amazing “must read’ book. Then I read it for the first time I’m was wonder how I was close to that philosophy (as a programmer). It’s just a book of great advices. Read more at the official website

  5. WatiN - Web Application Testing

    I would like to recommend you an amazing testing framework - WatiN. If can make Web Application Testing to be the easiest thing in a world :) …

  6. Exception HRESULT: 0×800A03EC (.NET Excel automation)

    Got the same issue on the same server after several months of correct work. The first idea was that the issue is related to the updates. But it wasn’t… All that I needed to do is just to activate Office… …

  7. Undo/Redo functionality in .NET

    You need to implement Undo/Redo functionality? Seems I have something to show you… …

  8. Ndb v. 1.0.1 was published

    Just uploaded new Ndb maintenance release.

    • Quote tables & columns names in generated SQL queries.
    • Shared Connection support added.
    • IsDbGenerated property added to DbPrimaryKeyFieldAttribute (currently supported by MySql only).
    • DbLinqAttributesLoader supports composite primary keys & IsDbGenerated flag.
    • NdbConsole now able to check mapping attributes and generate xmlreport.
    • Other minor changes
    Also now using new version model. …

  9. Languages table (MSSQL)

    Often I need languages list in database, so I decided to post it here. Hope it will save several minutes for someone ;) …

  10. Notes about temporary tables support in MSSQL

    MSSQL provides wide abilities to use it’s temporary tables. I. Visible locally.

    declare @SomeTableName table ( Id int, Title nvarchar(50) ); create table #SomeTableName ( Id int, Title nvarchar(50) )
    Note that the first table will be in memory (in most cases), but second will be stored in tempDB II. Visible to everyone:
    create table ##SomeTableName ( Id int, Title nvarchar(50) )