Distributed version control (DVCS)

For a long while I was interested to try out some DVCS. The problems caused me to not do that was really simple – which one to choose Mercurial or git?

I read some technical articles and came to a conclusion that Mercurial has better merge capabilities. Unfortunately I don’t have links to these articles (I read them several months ago)

But what I like about git is that it has a huge community and that’s why there are many neat tools for it. For example there is a two-way bridge between TFS and Git.

Today I came over Mercurial, Subversion, and Wesley Snipes article and Eric Sink says there:

But if I were choosing a DVCS as a regular user, I would choose Mercurial. I've used it some, and found it to be incredibly pleasant.  It seems like the DVCS that got everything just about right.

But in my particular case of .NET development using VS 2010… Mercurial isn’t seem that simple to use. Here’s some information on Real-world use of Mercurial with a Team Foundation Server.

On the other hand there is a plug-in that integrates git with Visual Studio and a two-way bridge between TFS and Git. So it seems git wins a competition for me… at least for now.