People and Methodologies in Software Development

Just read People and Methodologies in Software Development by Alistair Cockburn.

Key conclusions:

1.  The members establish conventions for their interactions — a base methodology — at the start of the project. This can be likened to them "programming" themselves. 2.  They then perform their jobs in the normal scurry of project life, often getting too caught up to reflect on how they are doing. 3.  They schedule regular periods of reflection in which they reconsider and adjust their working conventions. These results have been used successfully on several industrial projects having the usual time and cost pressures on the staff.

There are interesting descriptions of the word methodology:

It is the roles, teams, skills, processes, techniques, tools, and standards used by the project team
If it is what one or two people do while working on a task, it is technique. If it is what the team uses to coordinate their work, then it's methodology.
Any conventions and policies the team relies on to successfully deliver systems