Mysql Performance Tips

Some MySql perfomance tips from greate “How to Kill Mysql Performance” presentation

  • Use Explain
  • Use the smallest data type possible
  • Store IP addresses as INT UNSIGNED (The INET_ATON & INET_NTOA functions will help you)
  • Persistent connection is evil
  • Heavy abstraction layer is evil
  • Learn both the benefits and drawbacks of each table engine (slide 21)
  • Clustered layout is faster for lookup by primary key operations (than Non-clustered layout) (slide 26)
  • If you don't pick a primary key, one will be created for you automatically
  • Understand query cache (slide 32)
  • Don't use stored procedures (slide 34)
  • Be aware of deep scan slowdowns
  • Be aware of COUNT(*) in InnoDB table

How to Kill Mysql Performance